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Steering Committee Expansion

April 2016: Nine new members have been added to the World Heritage Ohio Steering Committee this winter and spring: Stacey Halfmoon, Director of American Indian Relations, Ohio History Connection; Jamison Pack, Chief Marketing Officer, Ohio History Connection; Christine Ballengee-Morris, Director of Native American Studies, The Ohio State University; Tim Jordan, Site Manager, Flint Ridge Ancient […]

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Newark senator communicates support of Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks in new resolution

On February 23rd, Senator Jay Hottinger of Newark introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 16 expressing the Ohio General Assembly’s support of the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks nomination. Sen. Bob Peterson, whose district includes Ross County, is a co-sponsor. The Resolution has been assigned to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on which Sen. Hottinger serves. Please note […]

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November 2015 – Moonrise at the Octagon Earthworks in Newark, Ohio

You are invited to see the moon rise in alignment with the Octagon Earthworks. You have the opportunity to be one of few people who have experienced this event in many centuries. Join us on either of two evenings: Friday, November 27 or Saturday, November 28. Bring you family and friends. You will be the guest […]

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Lunar alignments at the Octagon

The moon follows an 18.6 year cycle.  The Newark Octagon, built two thousand years ago by ancestors of today’s American Indians, aligns with eight “standstill points” in the cycle of the moon. Those who built the Octagon understood that every month the place on the horizon where the moon first rises moves south for roughly […]

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San Antonio Missions becomes 23rd World Heritage site in US

We at World Heritage Ohio congratulate the San Antonio Missions, which made history on Sunday, July 5 by becoming the 23rd UNESCO World Heritage Site in the United States and the first in Texas. According to the UNESCO website, the San Antonio Missions “illustrate the Spanish Crown’s efforts to colonize, evangelize and defend the northern […]

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Newark students, city council support WHO

Fifth grade students from Ms. Mary Borgia’s class at William H. McGuffey Elementary in Newark, Ohio, spoke to their city council on April 27 about the UNESCO World Heritage process and what inscription would mean for Newark and Ohio as a whole. The council then voted unanimously to support the Newark Earthworks’ nomination to UNESCO World Heritage. […]

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Spend your weekend exploring Ohio’s ancient earthworks

This weekend, two of the sites included in our nomination for Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks are holding events for individuals and families to enjoy the beauty of Ohio’s ancient heritage. The Ancient Octagon Earthworks at Newark Ceremonial Earthworks east of Columbus will be holding an open house for the public to explore the earthworks grounds and […]

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How long did it take to build earthworks? 2/3

This is a continuation of “How long did it take to build earthworks?”, the first part of which was published earlier this week. Using the method of architectural energetics, we calculated that Seip Earthworks is a total of roughly 57,726 m3. We will use that number to calculate how long it would take to build […]

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How long did it take to build earthworks? 1/3

Because the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks contain the remains of individuals, we might be tempted to think that they were like our modern-day cemeteries for the pre-contact American Indians who built them. However, archaeologists have shown that the value of these massive monuments may have been more in their construction rather than experiencing the sites after […]

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Not all North American earthworks are alike

You may have seen our recent blog post encouraging the world traveler known as “Mr. UNESCO” to come to Ohio. In that post, we compared Ohio’s Serpent Mound and the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks to the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site near St. Louis, noting how these sites are more than “some dirt hills” but are […]

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