We see educators as the direct connection to engaging students with the community. Your work could GREATLY influence the advocacy efforts being made surrounding the awareness we are building for the potential nominee, the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks Sites.

With your help, we can increase the awareness to communities locally, nationally and internationally and give our students an opportunity to have a hands-on experience in this historical effort to share these American treasures to the world. History allows us to tell and understand the stories of the past. And, to quote George Papagiannis from UNESCO, “It’s up to us to keep the story going.”

Call to Action for Educators!

–     Integrate the World Heritage sites, especially the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks into your curriculum

–     Coordinate opportunities for students to present information about the sites to the community

–     Educational resources about these sites and other Ohio earthworks are available at

Keep up to date on WHO News, offer suggestions

Would you like to join us? Do you have any suggested resources or ways to improve this website? Please follow this link to give us your contact information so we can add you to the discussion.

Webinar suggests ways to get involved

On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, the Ohio History Connection hosted a webinar with educators, Charlotte Stiverson, Tracy Kessler, Mary Borgia and staff, Dr. Brad Lepper and Jodie Engle to provide educators with a background about the sites, share best practices and ideas to get involved in the advocacy efforts.

To view the PowerPoint, please click here.

Fifth graders speak to City Council about WHO

Efforts by local Ohio teachers have already begun. Click on the link to see Mary Borgia’s Newark City Schools students promoting World Heritage! (Minutes 19:00 through 47:50)

Send us photos of your involvement!

We are looking for images of students involved in advocacy efforts, resources such as lesson plans and model events involving the community. If you have these items and would like to share your efforts and/or resources on this website with other educators, please send an email to


–     The Ohio History Connection — Learn about the sites, follow the Archaeology Blog, sign up for the newsletter

–     Ancient Ohio Trail — Virtual re-creations of the sites, artifacts and storytelling, plan your trip

–     National Park Service

–     UNESCO World Heritage

–     UNESCO World Heritage Education Efforts

Recommended Books

Ohio Archaeology by Dr. Brad Lepper

Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World by Chris Scarre